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The goal of All Stars School’s objective is to provide the following balanced curriculum, adapted to each age group of children and conveyed by our teachers in a positive, motivating way.



IEYC - International Early Years Curriculum.

We are teaching according to IEYC. This international curriculum is based on the British school framework program EYFS - Early Years Foundation Stage. It contains seven basic educational areas that we have adapted and enriched for the children of our school. The main language of teaching is English. We suitably supplement the teaching of subjects in French and other languages if there is some interest in it. We also do not forget the development of the Czech language, reinforced in our Czech preschool program ("Maxik").


The preschool program in Czech

We pay special attention to developing the Czech language within a special preschool program called Maxík. The Maxík program is a comprehensive program, accredited by the Ministry of Education, intended for preschoolers and children with postponed school attendance. It is a stimulative program helping preschoolers prepare to enter Primary school. The program focuses on developing the functions in the field of visual and auditory perception, spatial and right-left orientation, graphomotor skills and concentration training. 

This program is complementary to our IEYC curriculum.


Our School Educational Program complies with the Framework Educational Program of the  Czech Ministry of Education.

We teach some subjects in English and, starting with the new school year, we are preparing to include an international curriculum in our IPC - International Primary Curriculum.

The main language of teaching is Czech. Some subjects are taught in English and our students are learning French.

Main areas of education


The sooner a child starts learning languages, the better. We offer at least three languages.

All Stars

Music & Art

Music, singing, drama and other expressive arts are important for learning languages, creating cohesion within the school community and bringing children joy.

Science & Nature

Mathematics, physical and other natural laws are part of an individual’s basic knowledge. Approach: practical and project instruction.

General knowledge

A general overview of knowledge and discovering the world in terms of customs, cultures, local and global traditions. Approach: project learning, outings to discover the world in practical ways.

Ethics & introduction to social norms

Courteous behaviour is important. The kindness of teachers and firmly established boundaries are essential components in exercising basic social norms and developing children’s personalities.

Physical Development

Healthy body, healthy mind is often a truthful statement. Children need adequate opportunities to be active both indoors and outdoors.



The earlier children learn languages, the easier it will be for them. Children are naturally gifted to understand and mimic new languages, particularly in their early years. Aside from Czech, our curriculum includes English and French, as well as Spanish or other languages if there is any interest.

Tabule s různými jazyky

Music & Art


Our school considers music and art as excellent tools to study languages. Singing, playing a musical instrument, drama, art and dance are also wonderful tools for personality development (creativity, self-expression, etc.) and developing cohesion within a group. This part of our curriculum should primarily bring children joy.


Science & Nature

Mathematics, logic, geometry, physics and other technical subjects constitute essential knowledge for every individual. We convey the principles behind scientific discoveries and natural laws as practically as possible and also through mini-projects. This part of the curriculum also includes observation of nature and respect for our planet.


Ethics & Personal Development


School is the first larger community that children enter. The kind, positive approach of our teachers and firmly established boundaries are key factors in each child’s personality development and development of their social skills, such as courtesy, respect for oneself and for others, successful communication, a positive approach to addressing relationship issues, a good value system, independence and also building healthy self-confidence in children.


General Knowledge 

Acquiring a general overview of knowledge is important for discovering the world in terms of culture and traditions, both local and global. We organize outings and excursions and use project learning to broaden children’s understanding of the world and civilization.

Image by Timo Wielink

Physical development & Sports

Sufficient healthy exercise is important for a child’s overall healthy development. It teaches children self-awareness, cooperation and recognition of their own limits and possibilities, among other things. Exercising fine motoric skills is important for younger children.

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