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Nursery and Primary School opened in Příbram on 1.9.2021.
We are preparing to open our Secondary School in Septembre 2022.

Our school’s goal is to provide high-quality education that incorporates application of the best Czech and European methods. Our curriculum will include extended language instruction as well as interesting projects to teach basic natural laws and scientific discoveries.

The International Early Years Curriculum (IEYC) is a child-centered and research based curriculum We are happy to follow this holistic framework with its best world practices in our All Stars Nursery School.

The International Primary Curriculum (IPC) is a flexible, friendly and adaptable curriculum for our primary school children.

We will integrate the International Primary Curriculum into our Primary School Educational Program since September 2022.


We place great emphasis on well-rounded child development, not only in regard to the quality of knowledge, but also in terms of the child’s personality development. Just as importantly, we focus on creating a healthy and pleasant social environment for all children and pupils. Even a program of the highest quality cannot be effective unless children feel safe and well in the school community, therefore, we also focus on prevention of bullying among both school and preschool children in order to provide a positive and inspiring environment for all children coming to our school.

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