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At All Stars School Nursery, we are a registered and practicing

IEYC - International Early Years Curriculum school,

which is based on the British framework program, EYFS - Early Years Foundation Stage.

The curriculum contains seven basic educational areas of development that we have adapted and enriched for the children of our school. The main language of instruction is English, supported by the Czech language and we supplement the teaching with the addition of French


Programme Maxík

     Maxík is a Czech programme designed to develop graphomotor skills for preschool children ages 5-7 years.



Young children learn best by playing and observing their surroundings. In an enabling environment, a child has lots of opportunities to enhance their natural curiosity and gain child-initiated experiences. Through the seven points of our curriculum, we offer children activities and games that facilitate their holistic development. We give great emphasis on areas like critical thinking skills, problem-solving skills and social and emotional development. 


We also encourage children to take responsibility for themselves and their surroundings (cleaning up their workspace, watering plants and other age-appropriate activities). Children take part in daily school activities, both indoors and outdoors, which strengthens their independence and self-confidence


All Stars School’s ethical principles promote mutual respect, courtesy and integration of the child into society.

We believe education should be motivating, engaging and fun.

That is why, the All Stars School community is filled with compassionate educators, who take a sensitive approach to educating and caring for the children. 

Basic learning areas at All Stars Nursery School 

Personal, social and emotional development

With a focus on “developing relationships” with peers and adults through play and conversation. Encouraging children to develop their “self-confidence and self-awareness” so that they are able to communicate in a group and ask for help when they need it. “Managing feelings and behaviour” means that children learn healthy ways to express and understand their emotions.

5_1_Holding hands.jpg

Communication and expression

In this area, we emphasize “listening and attention” – conversational and concentration skills, understanding instructions and communicating with peers and adults in various situations.



Instructions in our nursery are in English, supported by Czech. We also offer French as an additional language. Children have an innate ability to learn languages from an early age. The sooner a child is exposed and properly guided to a multilingual environment, the easier it will be for her or him to learn a new language. Therefore we offer a curriculum that renders the process of learning a foreign language as effective and fun as possible.



We introduce early reading through rhymes, letter sounds and stories. We also cover early-writing skills where children learn and observe correct letter formations and pencil grip. 

Blonde Chlapec čtení


Numbers”, children learn to count, recognize, understand and compare numbers and groups of objects. They also begin to understand simple addition and subtraction. “Space, shape and dimensions”, includes learning about shapes and patterns, investigation through measurement, height and weight and development of the mathematical language.

Numbers Game

Physical development

Moving and handling”, this area allows for adequate opportunities for children to engage in sports and also includes the use of classroom equipment such as pencils and scissors. “Health and Self-care”, teaches children to be able to care for themselves, such as dressing independently, etc.


5_6_pohyb  a manipulace.jpg

Understanding the world

“People and different cultures”, children talk about experiences in their own country and past experiences and begin to understand other cultures. “The world” is about exploring one’s environment and observing animals and nature.

5_7 porozumeni sveta.jpg

Music, expressive arts and design

Exploring and using media and materials”; singing songs and using instruments, being comfortable using colours and textures, and building structures using various materials and tools. “Being imaginative”, through role-playing, singing, art, dance and drama. We consider music as an entertaining and particularly enriching way for children to learn new skills, including languages, and enrich their vocabulary.

5_8_girls and music.jpg


Simple scientific experiments will help children understand fundamental natural laws and technical principles.


School outings and projects

School outings and projects will support children in gaining a broader understanding of the world and society they live in.

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