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All Stars

Mathematics & Information Technology

Music & Art

Science & nature

Ethics & Personal Development

Physical Development & Sports


Czech : syllabic, cursive writing 

English : primary foreign language

French : secondary foreign language

Spanish and other languages : according to the interest


Mathematics & Information Technology


We take the classic and traditional approach to mathematics as the basic teaching method and we supplement it appropriately with other methods (such as the development of mathematical structures, the Singapore teaching method, etc.) Current basic education includes not only an understanding of the technical principles of information technology, but also safety rules, correct attitude and behavior in the virtual world.


Music & Art


Music and art are also an important part of the program for the Primary and Secondary schools. This area also contributes to the development and better memorization of foreign language vocabulary. It also supports team cohesion. ​ Children can join the All Stars School choir.

We also teach playing the following musical instruments: piano, guitar, violin and flute


Ethics & Personal Development

Every morning we have 30 minutes of Ethics. We are keen on applying the principles of respect and other moral values. The curriculum is focused on age-appropriate questions. We discuss important issues for our students and help them deal with the realities of this world. Integrity, respect, kindness, resilience and all other important values ​​are supported and developed during our ethics classes.


Science & Nature


Our program introduces children to important knowledge not only about the nature in Central Europe, but also in the world. Respect for nature is an important part of the program. Scientific experiments  bring children closer to the basic laws of physics and technical discoveries. Our Journey Around the World takes us to the universe of inventions and discoveries on different continents. The greatest scientific minds inspire us to make our own inventions.


Physical Development & Sports

Our curriculum promotes a balanced child development approach. In this part of our programme, both individual and team sports are offered.

The activities  take place in our gym or outside.

We offer:

  • tennis

  • swimming

  • dancing

  • yoga

6_7_physical exercise.jpg

The academic program of our Primary and Secondary schools respects the academic requirements of the Framework Educational Program of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports. We teach the Czech language and Mathematics in the Czech language. From September 2022, the school has permission from the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports to teach some subjects in English.

We approach teaching in different ways to engage children and develop their strengths. Especially at the Secondary School, we involve the project method of teaching as much as possible. It is important for us to develop children's critical and dispassionate thinking. We develop children's independence and creativity in solving problems.

It is important for us that our children have above-standard knowledge and are able to fit into both the Czech educational system and the international one, according to the wishes of children and parents. Therefore, our Primary and Secondary Schools include an international curriculum in their programme.

IPC - International Primary Curriculum.

The International Curriculum IPC - International Primary Curriculum is a method of teaching conceived on the basis of the study of the world's best pedagogical methods and is used by more than 1000 schools in more than 90 countries of the world.

It is one of the best pedagogical educational programmes in the world.


It is adaptable to local specifics and focuses on developing quality knowledge and skills in elementary school children. It enables children to get better understanding of the world in an engaging and motivating way. The goal is not only a high-quality knowledge and the international aspect, but also an emphasis on the overall development of the child's personality, especially the support of independent critical thinking, the ability to navigate complex issues, and form and formulate one's own opinions. The art of teamwork, efficiency in solving problems, and the development of personal qualities such as responsibility, reliability, own initiative, empathy and an overall positive outlook on the world are also important.

Do not hesitate to contact us for further information on tel.: +420 723 800 123

The Main Areas of Education are the following:

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