We are preparing to open our secondary school on the 1st September, 2022.

We include project-based teaching and other methods in our teaching in order to develop child's critical and independent thinking and problem solving skills. And along with Czech our curriculum will also be taught in English.



We use various teaching approaches to engage children’s interest.

Our school respects the Rámcový Vzdělávací Programme (RVP) of the Czech Ministry of Education.

From the new school year, we are preparing to introduce an international curriculum in our Primary School:

IPC - International Primary Curriculum

The main language of instruction is Czech, supplemented with some subjects in English.

Areas of education - primary school


All Stars

Mathematics & Information Technology

Music & Art

Science & nature

Ethics & Personal Development

Physical Development & Sports


Czech : syllabic, cursive writing 

English : primary foreign language

French : secondary foreign language

Spanish and other languages : according to interest


Mathematics & Information Technology


We combine international and traditional approach when teaching mathematics. Children learn mathematical concepts through concrete (manipulatives) then picture and finally abstract concepts. Understanding and acknowledging the rising importance of technology skills, we encourage our children to learn how to research and use the internet safely. 


Music & Art


Music and art are important elements of our curriculum. Music helps the  children develop their creative side and learn various ways to express themselves. Through music, children are also further exposed to foreign language.

Children get to choose musical instruments such as violin, piano, guitar and flute based on their interest.


Ethics & Personal Development

Sensitive application of the principles of respect and our other moral values. Curriculum focuses on age-appropriate issues. Every morning we discuss important issues with our students. We are all learning to deal with realities of this world. Integrity, respect, kindness, resilience and all other important values are to be reinforced during our Ethics classes.


Science & Nature


Knowledge about nature in Central Europe and around the world. Children learn to respect nature through projects and scientific experiments.


Our "Travel around the World" will be takes us into the world of inventions and discoveries on different continents. The greatest scientific minds will inspire us to make our own inventions. We can't wait to start this journey with our students in the school year 2022/2023.


Physical Development & Sports

Our curriculum promotes a balanced child development program.

Group sports take place in our gym or outside.

We are proposing:

  • tennis

  • swimming

  • dancing

  • self-defence

  • yoga

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