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Vladka Godfroy (Czech Republic)
Founder, concept and school vision 
  • Knowledge of the pedagogical environment and approaches of England, France, USA and New Zealand (Nelson Polytechnic)

  • Pedagogical experience in France, UK, Czech Republic

  • Extensive experience in managing European projects, especially in France, Great Britain, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Ireland and the USA

Nursery School
Jitka Meriková,  Nursery teacher
​Czech and English languages, Maxík program, speech therapy
  • Program for preschoolers - Maxík

  • Speech therapy assistant course

  • Studying at the Faculty of Education of the University of South Bohemia - currently ongoing

  • Nanny in USA, New York

Rossalyn ULFAH,  Nursery teacher
the International IEYC program
  • Many years of teaching experience at the Help International School, Kuala-Lumpur

  • The Art teacher at Summer Fields Preschool, Kuala Lumpur

  • Chinese teacher for children

  • Long-term experience with the EYFS program

  • Cambridge International Certificate in Teaching and Learning

  • University diploma in Psychology

Tania Petrenko, Nursery teacher's assistant
Czech, English, Ukrainian, Russian
  • teaching experience in secondary school, mathematics, English

  • University diploma from the University of Zaporizhia - Engineer Degree

  • University diploma in accounting and economics

Primary and Secondary School
M.Sc. Marie Vybíralová, primary school teacher
Czech, English
  • Pedagogical experience at the British international school in Prague

  • Teaching at the 1st grade of elementary school and counseling for children with special needs

  • Charles University - Master's Degree in special education

  • Erasmus: a study of a didactic approach for children with special needs in Munich

M.Sc. Valentina Hekova, IPC, English teacher
IPC teacher, English (Czech Republic)
Kristýna Uhlířováučitelka ZŠ
  • Výuka na 1. stupni ZŠ 
  • výchovné poradenství

Rodrigo BelandSpanish teacher
IPC teacher, English (Czech Republic)
  • Pedagogical experience of teaching Spanish and English at private schools in the Czech Republic

  • Teacher of football and sports activities in Argentina (Cordoba) for children from 5 - 11 years old

  • National University of Córdoba - field of physiotherapy and kinesiotherapy 

  • Football referee since 2011

Sylvie Gomez da Silva (France)
Nursery and Primary France Teacher
  • Experienced French teacher for age groups 3-11 years.

  • Pedagogical diploma from the Academy of Versailles, CRPE (School of Recruitment of School Professors).

  • Teaching experience in schools Ecole Georges Sand, Ecole Louis Pasteur, Ecole Claude Monet.

  • University Institute for Educators, IUFM (Institut Universitaire des Maitres) in Anthony (Haute de Seine).

Alla Kolisnychenko (Ukraine)
Nursery, Primary, Secondary schools  Piano Teacher 
  • Long-term experience with piano lessons in Ukraine and the Czech Republic
  • Piano Teacher, Antonín Dvořák Art School, Czech Republic
Viktorie Duková (Ukraine) 
Nursery and Primary Music Teacher
  • Specialises in piano, choir and solo singing, drama lessons
  • Music Teacher, Elementary Art School, Czech Republic
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