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All Stars School makes a concerted effort to help each child succeed at our school.

To us, that means giving each child opportunities and motivating them so that they can develop the following skills and qualities.

A knowledgable,

A knowledgeable child

Educational quality is important for a child’s subsequent employment and self-fulfillment as well as for the child’s integration into other school systems he or she will later attend. To us, this area means more than simply passing on important information; it also means encouraging and teaching children to think critically, form their own opinions, navigate through complex issues (in age-appropriate ways) and analyze and synthesize material effectively.

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An integrated child feels that she or he is a valid member of the group. The child’s differences are respected and the child respects differences in others. The child feels safe in the group and is not afraid to express his or her own opinion. Solidarity among children, and helping each other complete tasks and life in the classroom are vitally important components in the effective, positive development of each individual.

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A well-balanced – resilient child

All Stars School does its utmost to motivate children so that they have opportunities to develop, in a balanced way, their positive qualities and abilities, such as:

  • Effectively addressing problems.

  • Expressing their own initiative and possible degree of assertiveness.

  • Being empathetic towards others.

  • Developing a sense of responsibility and reliability.

  • Setting their own goals and working to achieve them.

  • Developing a positive outlook on life.

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A happy child

A happy, contented child is the highest goal that our school can achieve. The fact that a child enjoys attending our school is the most essential indicator of success for us!

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