We are accepting applications to Primary School and Secondary School.

Secondary school is opening on the 1st September, 2022.

We are here to assist you with the admission process.

Primary school is a world where children learn how to work independently and cope with their first responsibilities. It is also a very important social environment, which introduces new challenges to children. Children often have to deal with new situations in primary school. At our school, we are well aware of the importance of social connections for primary school age children.


Our All Stars Primary School provides high-quality education and will also:

Respect that each child learns at a different pace and support each child’s strengths, focusing on the necessary areas specific to each child.

Develop children’s natural inquisitiveness, empathy and intelligence to help them become thoughtful students who respect themselves and others.

Prepare children to be fully functioning individuals and are prepared for further education

Actively promote the fundamental principles of respect, and positive relationships between children and within the school community. We create a safe environment for children to learn good problem solving skills, communication and critical thinking skill. This will help them learn how to resolve conflicts in a healthy way. 

Work closely with parents to provide children with the best start in social and academic life.

Encourage each child to support his or her social skills, independence and self-confidence. We aim to make each child feel comfortable, integrated and confident to express opinions.