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Our Motto

“Every child is different, but all children are beautiful!”

Our objectives:

We do everything in our power to offer each child a pleasant, safe and inspiring environment where she or he will enjoy learning and resting. We encourage children in ways that support development of their independence, self-confidence, self-reliancesocial integration and formation of their own critical opinions.


We find it very important to work with parents, as it helps us get to know each child better. Among other things, it enables us to support each child’s optimum integration into the school community and successful start of child's social life.

They are all different, but everyone is beautiful.
All Stars School

Our principles:

The principles of our school are in alignment with the following four principles.

1. A unique child

Each child is a unique child, who is constantly learning to be resilient, independent, self-assured and continuously developing his or her abilities.

2. Positive relationships

Children learn to be independent and emotionally strong through positive relationships.

3. Suitable environment

Children learn well in suitable environments that enable them to fulfil their individual needs and where there is a strong partnership between teachers and parents.

4. Children’s learning and development

Children develop and learn in different ways. Each child has a unique temperament and different qualities, which influence his or her individual understanding and development.

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